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Retreats give us an opportunity to experience what happens when mind and body become quiet, steady and focused in the present moment. On retreats we can experience a level of silence and open-heartedness that is hard to experience in the midst of the stimulation of daily life.

As a result of this quiet, steady, focused attention, we are able to see our habitual patterns of wishing life were other than the way it is. Seeing these patterns, we are also able to see how they lead to stress and suffering in our lives.

When our minds and bodies are settled in open hearted silence, we are also able to see more clearly the confusion and identification which keep the patterns of wishing life were otherwise arising again and again. When we meet these patterns of mind and body with kindness and non-judgmental attention, they are let go and we experience, even if only for a moment, the peacefulness that is always available.

On this page you will find links to many insight meditation retreats. Please give yourselves the opportunity to experience the clarity and joy that retreat practice makes possible.

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