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Here are articles written by Philip Jones.

Written Dhamma talks are available here.

Basics of Buddhism

  The Four Noble Truths
  The Noble Eightfold Path

Meditation Instructions for Beginners

  Introduction to Insight Meditation
  Concentration and Mindfulness
  Mindfulness of the Body
  Mindfulness of Feeling
  Mindfulness of Mind-States
  Mindfulness of Thinking
  The Five Hindrances

Also published as "Insight Meditation" in Right View Quarterly, Vol. 1, #3, Winter 2007


Working with the Hard Stuff: Exploring the Causes of Discontent and Contentment, 3/1/08

Keep on the Sunny Side

The Practice of Acceptance

Walking Meditation: Is It Time for a Break?


from the blog Awake 'n Missouri

Welcome, 1/30/09

This Moment, 1/30/09

Right Socks, 2/2/09

Luminous Mind, Cloudy Mind, 2/7/09

Rustling Leaves, 2/23/09

Perfect Titles, 3/11/09

That Beep, Beep, Beeping Sound, 3/30/09

Waking Up to Air Travel, 4/1/09

Round and Round, 5/9/09

Bee-ing Present, 5/29/09

The Sweet Taste, 6/28/09

Down the Drain, 7/29/09

The Foundation Stone, 9/15/09

What Remains, 10/23/09

Sound of Silence, 12/13/09

The Cup Is Broken, 2/3/10

Tuning In, 4/12/10

Becoming Human, 7/25/10

Freedom in Your Heart, 9/1/10

Many Buddhisms, 11/1/10

Interdependence and the Delusion of Radical Individualism, 11/14/10

The Pleasure of Practice, 12/30/10

Onions, 2/20/11

Passover and Easter: A Buddhist Perspective, 4/25/11

Sacred, 2/28/12


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