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Welcome to Awake 'n Missouri

Image of Missouri River


Welcome to Awake 'n Missouri

The sun rises over the Missouri River. A golden reflection on the water. The beginnings of warmth. The sounds of birds chirping. The smell of, well, the river. A clear, crisp moment in life. A new day dawns.

In the same way, spiritual practice offers the possibility of a new day. We begin to pay attention to our sensory experience in each moment and life opens up, shining bright. We come to realize that there is no "me" separate from life, separate from what is and the struggle falls away, perhaps for a moment, perhaps longer. These are the possibilities of awakening.

As the subtitle says, this blog is about exploring awakening in a Midwestern life, a life that is not especially dramatic and that is pretty ordinary. There is no one to be awakened, no one who is awake, yet awakening happens. What is it? What seems to lead to it? What is it like in an ordinary Midwestern life? These are questions I hope to explore.





© 2009 Philip L. Jones, originally published in the blog Awake 'n Missouri, 01/30/2009

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