the way of Silent Mind-Open Heart  

service: opportunities to help

The Buddha said:

     “If people knew as I know the results of giving and sharing,
they would not eat without having given nor would
the stain of miserliness persist in overpowering their minds.
Even if they were down to their last bit of food,
they would not eat without having shared it,
if those to receive it were present.”
                    - Itivuttaka 26





Each moment that we meet with a silent mind and open heart, we can clearly see that here are innumerable opportunities to help others. Here are some organizations offering opportunities to give and share.


Hunger Relief & Basic Development
What could be more basic than sharing food and the ability to produce it. This is one of the goals of Buddhist Global Relief

Paying Back
Many of the "founding" American teachers of insight meditation practiced in Burma or with teachers who were trained in Burma. Now we have an opportunity to "pay back" our debt by offering help to the people of Burma. One organization offering help is the Community Partners International.

Malaria Relief
Malaria affects the lives of people throughout the world. The simple gift of a treated mosquito net can make a significant difference. Two of the organizations offering these nets are Nothing But Nets and Malaria No More.

A small loan to an entrepreneur in the developing world can have a significant impact on their quality of life, especially when it is to a woman. Two organizations that help with this are Kiva and FINCA.

Aid to Education
It seems schools and teachers are always in need of additional support for their work. Here is an organization that helps in the US, DonorsChoose.Org, and another one in Cambodia.

Safe Housing in Earthquake Zones
Earthquakes strike throughout the world and affect people of all classes, but especially the poor. One group that has developed and tested a safe and simple design with straw bales is PAKSBAB.


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