4 Steps To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind controls the outcome of your life. But, you can control and shape your subconscious mind to manifest your wants and desires. You can eliminate previous negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts. You can eliminate negative perceptions and beliefs by replacing them with a positive perception and belief system. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the steps on how you can reshape your subconscious mind:

What is the Subconscious Mind?

Our subconscious minds make decisions without our actively thinking about them. It’s different from the conscious mind, which consists of our current thoughts. Moreover, it’s different from the unconscious mind, which stores events and experiences that we don’t even recall.

This subconscious does not work on logic. Likened to a video recorder, it doesn’t judge or analyze; it simply tapes as it sees and hears. It also doesn’t make any distinctions between right and wrong, or good and bad, when storing beliefs. 

Often, we will drift into an “automatic” mode of reaction, based purely on subconscious instincts. The subconscious has no choice but to run as a default program unless told otherwise. 

The hindrance for most people that make the decision to consciously create their life in a deliberate manner is that they fail to make a full impression on the subconscious mind regarding their wish. They must untwist engrained facts that don’t serve them, and replace them with ones that do to achieve desired results. 

As a person becomes more aware of the role of the subconscious, and they are able to get in tune with its programming, they can reprogram it in a new direction guided by conscious awareness instead of social, parental, or any other type of past programming.

So how long does it take to reprogram your subconscious mind? On average, it takes three to four weeks. It depends on your own limiting beliefs as well as how deeply ingrained the behavior is.  

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind in 4 Steps

Many people tend to repeat thoughts and behaviours. They will stay in the same undesirable relationship, unwanted job or always go down any familiar path because it is what they know and their mind understands the end result. Directives based on early survival decisions or genetic influences take utmost priority. 

Fortunately, we have the conscious gift of free-will and choice. We can reprogram our subconscious minds by shifting our energy and thoughts to attract what we want into our lives. 

Below is a simple guidance to help you change your thought processes and harness the power of the subconscious mind:

Step 1: Accept that your subconscious mind has the power to manifest your heart’s biggest desires 

Accepting this important truth is the first step to manifest your wants, dreams, and desires. You’ve to fully accept that you can reshape and change your life. You’ve to make a decision to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. You’ve to be determined to control and reshape your subconscious mind. Once you make this decision, the fun begins. You can start to take further steps to manifest your desires. You’d be surprised with the effect. You’d be surprised with how quickly you can also manifest your desires and dream life.

Step 2: Assess Your Belief System and Examine Your Subconscious 

To be able to control and reshape your subconscious mind, you need to spend time looking at your current situation. Do you live your dream life? Do you’ve the car that you want? Do you’ve a job that you truly love? Do you live in your dream house? 

Or do you’ve a job that you hate and do you’ve bad relationships? If you’re not manifesting the things that you want, you need to examine your subconscious and your thoughts and be completely honest. What thoughts are kept in your subconscious mind that created undesirable outcomes?  

To examine your thoughts, you need to answer the following questions as honestly as you can: 

  • Do you worry too much? 
  • Do you focus on negative things and problems instead on focusing your energy on counting blessings and gratitude? 
  • Are you anxious most of the time? 
  • Are you too proud that you belittle other people? 
  • Do you seek revenge for those who’ve hurt and wronged you? 
  • Are you angry or depressed? 
  • Are you feeling sad most of the time? 
  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your mistakes? 
  • Do you’ve low confidence and self-esteem? 
  • Do you’ve self-limiting beliefs?

You need to ask and answer as many questions as you can determine the current state of your subconscious. You can only change and reshape your subconscious mind if you’re aware of your current state. 

Re-examining your past thoughts and beliefs are also one way of taking responsibility of what you feed your mind. Re-examining your thoughts and actions is like looking at your thought inventory and deciding to remove those that are harmful, unnecessary, and distracting. 

Step 3: Reframe your behaviors and your belief system 

If you’ve not been manifesting the things that your heart desires the most then most likely, you’ve limiting beliefs that cause you to exhibit self-sabotaging behaviors. The great Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. Your beliefs are the blueprint of your life and your future. As mentioned earlier, they are self-fulfilling prophecies because they influence your decisions and your behaviors. 

Many people, who don’t have the skill, looks, or intelligence, are able to succeed just because they think they can. On the other hand, many people who’ve the looks, the skills, and exemplary intelligence have failed because of their limiting beliefs and low self-esteem and confidence. Limiting beliefs hinder you to become the best that you can be. Here are the self limiting beliefs that could have negative effects in your life particularly your future:

  • I am not worthy 
  • I don’t have the skill or intelligence to succeed 
  • I am too poor 
  • I am afraid of risk 
  • I am afraid of disappointment 
  • I am afraid of failure 
  • I deserve this stressful job so I’ve to stick to this 
  • It is difficult to manifest your dreams 
  • I’ve no power 
  • I can’t do that 
  • I don’t have the talent 
  • It is difficult to earn money 
  • I don’t have what it takes to achieve my dreams and desires 
  • My dreams are too big and my goals are too high 
  • You need to be born in a rich family for you to amount to anything 
  • I cannot change
  • I am fat, I will always be fat, and I could not do anything to lose weight 
  • I cannot change my behaviors for the better 
  • I cannot eat healthy food, exercise, or watch my calorie intake 
  • I am too afraid to try anything new 
  • This is my comfort zone 
  • I am too busy for all of this 

The examples above are just a few. There are a lot of self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs that people tell themselves day in and day out. 

Once you’ve recognized these limiting beliefs, you need to replace negative beliefs with positive beliefs. You need to believe that you can. You need to find time to develop your self-esteem and confidence because this is one of the most powerful ways to manifest what you want.  

You might already be familiar with visualization and you might have read or watched “The Secret”. You often wonder why it doesn’t work. Here’s how. Believing or hav- ing faith that your dream or desire will manifest is enough. Your belief system or your subconscious must support that faith and that desire. 

For example, a girl named Kate has always wanted to have a dream house and she visualized having a dream house every single day. However, days have passed and gone by, she was still unable to manifest her dream house. Here’s the reason why: 

She did not take action. She did not save for the house or talked to architects about it. The reason why she did not act on it is because even if she has a strong desire, deep inside, somewhere in her subconscious she feels unworthy, she believes that she can’t do it, she believes that she does not earn enough or has the ability to earn enough to build it. 

Because of this belief, she did not take action and took advantage of the opportunities that were presented to her. Your beliefs influence your actions and emotions. Even if your desire is strong, but you’ve self-defeating beliefs, you’d have a hard time manifesting what you want. 

The major causes of self-defeating beliefs are low self esteem and fear. You’ve to eliminate fear of failure. Some people fail before they even begin because of the dangerous limiting self belief that they have. Facebook Inc. and other offices printed this question on their wall for their employees to ponder – “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” 

In achieving your dreams, mindset is everything. You must have that inner belief that you can do it. You must believe that you’ve everything it takes to make your dream happen.  

One of the most common limiting beliefs is –“I don’t know how to do that”. Stud- ies show that people who’ve positive mindset can teach themselves to do just about anything. You don’t need to be a genius to learn how to write a code, learn a new language, or learn a new skill. All you need is a positive outlook, mindset, and belief system. Coding a computer program or learning a new language can be intimidating, but once you get to decide to do it and you believe that you can do it, it becomes easier. 

Take the case of Joshua Waitzkin who was once a young chess prodigy. He later found out that our mindset and belief system plays a role in learning. If you believe you can, you’ll be more determined, and you can excel in just about anything. He later on became a Tai Chi champion and he also became a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu master.  

You see, our wants and desires are not manifested because of our limiting beliefs. Because of this, you’ve to replace these limiting beliefs with positive ones. You’ve to have some faith. You’ve to believe that you can. You’ve to believe that it is possible for you to acquire wealth or to succeed. You’ve to believe that it is possible for you to accomplish just about anything. You’ve to feel worthy. Feeling worthy is important as this allows you to receive what the universe has for you. 

Once you’ve replaced limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, you’ll be amazed and surprised by the many good things that the universe has in store for you. Yes, you can achieve anything you want by strengthening your belief system.

Step 4: Watch your thoughts 

Your belief system is the result of your thoughts. As discussed earlier, it is impossible for you to control your subconscious completely by controlling every thought. 

But, what you can do is you can watch your dominant thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking of something that is negative, then you’ve to shift to positive thoughts. If you catch yourself complaining, mentally whining, or focusing on limitations and problems, you need to shift your thoughts into something that is positive. For example, you catch yourself thinking about problems. What you can do quickly shifts your energy on your desires, on things that you want, and on the solution. 

One way to also censor your thoughts is to watch your feelings. As we’ve tackled in the preceding chapter, our feelings are the aggregate and sum of our thoughts and beliefs. If you feel sad or lonely, most likely, you’re thinking of something negative at the moment. Quickly shift your thoughts to something positive. When you focus on the things that you want or desire or activities that you truly enjoy, you’ll immediately feel better. You’ll feel happier. 

The mystics of the Himalayas and other spiritual gurus have mastered mind control by meditating daily. They spend about 30 minutes to one hour just to watch their thoughts. Some spiritual mystics have mastered the art of meditation and mind control.  

One of the techniques that the mystics teach beginners is to focus on the center of a flower. Each morning, spend around 15 minutes just staring at the center of a flower and focusing on it. When your mind starts to wander, direct it again to the heart of the flower. This exercise will strengthen your skill of mind control. This is also an exercise to help you empty your mind and relax. When you practice this and other forms of meditation daily, you can soon gain mastery over your subconscious mind.

Some spiritual mystiques use mantra meditation or the process of repeating an affirmation several times in your mind. This is an exercise that will strengthen your belief system and shift your mindset from negative to positive.  

Final Words

Always remember that while your subconscious creates the outcome of your life, you can gain mastery over your subconscious mind. Your mind can become your master, allowing you to be entangled with negative or self defeating purpose and just accept any information that you receive. When this happens, you become helpless. 

However, if you become the master of your mind and you can exert control over your mind, you can use it to manifest whatever your heart desires. Your subconscious mind will generate positive vibrations that will work with external vibrations that are on the same frequency. These vibrations, energies, and forces will work with the universe to deliver the things that you want and desire to you. 

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