10 Tips to Help You Become an Optimist

Optimism is self-imposed. It is a choice. You can be happy if you choose to be happy. Similarly, you can also develop a positive thinking attitude if you choose to be an optimistic person. If something out of the ordinary happens to you, what do you do? Do you choose to ignore it and live your life the way you used to? Or do you reflect on what happened and learn from it and extract the positive experience you got from it? Or are you the type to react negatively and blame what happened on other people? 

How you view life depends on you. If you choose not to interact with other people, don’t be surprised if you’re alone. If you choose to neglect your health, don’t complain when you’re sick. If you love life and enjoy whatever it brings, then such a positive outlook will give you positive results and you’ll be happy and successful. 

When you choose to see life in a positive light, you see it as full of solutions and opportunities. If you see it in a negative light, you view it as full of obstacles and worries.  

Here’s how you can develop positive thinking and attitude:

1. Condition your mind

The first and most important part of developing a positive attitude is by relaxing the mind. If you’re full of worries, negative thoughts, fears and anxiety, your mind cannot relax and you’ll never be able to focus. You’ve to relax your mind. The best way to achieve this is by doing some meditation or yoga. 

When you close your eyes, your senses are heightened and your focus will be easier to control inward rather than outward. Breathe in…breathe out. Once your mind is relaxed and when your body is calm, it will be easier for you to think of the things you truly desire and focus on them. Feel the energy swell within you. Focus on the present and reflect on the things that you want to achieve. Do this regularly until it becomes a healthy habit. 

2. Don’t Frown

Smiling is the best exercise because it stretches millions of little nerves and muscles on the face. Even if your day isn’t going right, smile. When your relationships seem to be getting out of control, smile. If you’re hurting, smile. If you’re sick, smile. It can do wonders to your brain and to your body. 

When you smile, the whole world smiles back at you. Don’t ever think that nothing is going right for you, you’re just being tested so don’t allow negativity to get the better of you. Smile and always smile…things will turn out positive if you continue smiling despite everything. 

3. Every problem has a solution

When all things point in the negative direction, never think that you’re stuck and that you’ve nowhere else to go. There is always a way out and you can always think of a solution to overcome the situation. Relax, think, believe, and it will materialize in front of you. 

The solutions may come in a form of thought or idea, it may come as a person or a friend who can help you out, it can be a stranger or it can be another situation. If you think there’s a wall stopping you, climb that wall, if it’s too high, break it. There’s always something to use to break a wall… 

4. Find positive people and talk to them

There are times when we just can’t handle a problem all by ourselves. When we’re in that situation and your resolves are getting weaker by the minute, it is best to go out and find people who can give you positive advice and listen to you without judging you as a person. Your friends or family members are the first people you can go to. 

The least thing you’d want is to be judged and criticized so choose them wisely. Positive people can certainly give you a number of options to choose from. They can definitely be your refuge and way out. 

5. Be inspired

Motivation is intrinsic and extrinsic. There are quite a number of ways for you to motivate yourself. Also read positive quotes, watch good and happy movies, talk to positive people, do something creative, pass the time leisurely and eat good food. Nourish your mind and your body and you’ll definitely feel inspired. 

Read a good book and listen to inspirational stories. Write good and inspiring quotes on a notepad and post it on your drawers, fridge or door to always remind you to be positive. It works all the time. 

6. Do something good for others

When you get to help another person, you feel good about yourself and that elicits positive emotion. It is important to help another person from time to time so you take the thoughts away from you. Help an elderly person cross the street. Give alms to a child begging on a street. 

Babysit your younger sister. Offer to work on a project. Let someone borrow your umbrella. Donate to charity. Listen to a friend in need. Spend some time with others. Just do some random acts of kindness. When you finally make it a habit, positive attitude comes naturally.  

7. Enumerate the things you’re grateful for

You remember the importance of being grateful right? I am stressing it again, positive attitude means you’re being grateful about the things you were given. If you’re not grateful to receive, nobody will be happy to give to you. 

Being grateful to the person shows that you appreciate all his efforts and the things he has given you or did to you. When you know that someone is happy to receive something from you, it makes you feel happier to give more. So if you want to attract more positive things in life, show that you’re thankful and you’ll be blessed with more. 

8. Unleash your creativity

If you experience something a little negative, say, you’re stressed out from work, try to do something different and creative. Go to your playroom and play billiards. Go to the gym and exercise. Pamper yourself with a relaxing body massage. Travel to a great destination and enjoy your life. Eat something great. Sing, dance and mingle. Distract yourself from your usual routines. This will break you off from the negative feelings you get at work. It will help refresh your mind and refocus your priorities. 

9. Acknowledge your faults, apologize and move on

You’re not perfect, in fact you’re far from being perfect. When you do something wrong, accept it, take responsibility, apologize, make up for it if possible and move on. Don’t dwell on the negative things that happen. It will make matters worse and it will dampen your mood. 

Don’t let it affect you and your relationship with other people. Move forward and learn a lesson from it. That is a positive attitude.

10. Use positive scripting

Instead of saying “Don’t do this or you shouldn’t do it like this”, say “It will be better if you do it like this, or “do you think it will be better this way?” Positive scripting is difficult to practice if you’re used to saying things negatively. But a good start is by avoiding negative words such as don’t, shouldn’t, won’t, wouldn’t, and can’t. When you criticize someone, use a positive tone and don’t shout. 

Start with a positive statement then focus on the negative so the person knows what went wrong and how he can make it right. If you’re trying to reason or air some grievances, be reasonable. Acknowledge what the organization or the person did to you and express yourself in such a way that the other person will be able to accept your reason.

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