the way of Silent Mind-Open Heart  


  Introduction to Insight Meditation, a Script for Leaders  


by Philip L. Jones


These materials are the product of six years of offering this course in my local community. There have been many changes in the materials and they continue to evolve with each class as my understanding of the Dhamma grows and as students present new unexpected questions. I am offering them now in hopes that they will be of benefit to other ìgrassrootsî teachers.

The materials have mostly been changed to a generic format that would be more useful to others. The materials include the leaders notes for each class, in the form of an outline or ìscriptî. The script is used for reference during the class, but is varied depending on the needs of the students. The handout ìResources for Continuing Practiceî is presented unaltered. It will give you an idea of what I distribute in the class, but clearly this document will require major modifications to adapt it to your own community.

Course Outline
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Please feel free to make use of these materials in whatever way benefits your own teaching and the needs of your students. My only request is that their use be in the tradition in which I received the teachings, dana.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at

May your efforts contribute to the freedom of all beings!

Phil Jones

Columbia, MO

  © 2002 Philip L. Jones  

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